Mayhem continued

Mayhem continued

I’m still reading and enjoying “Mayhem.” I’m about halfway through the book and some otherworldly elements have been introduced. Dr Bond, our main character, is such a flawed individual. The story is moving a little slow but I think that’s mostly due to the world building that’s taking place. There is a great attention to detail and description which I love. Reading books that successfully build the worlds they take place in allows me to see what I read, almost like watching a movie.

That’s why I can read some hard-core horror that I could never actually watch. When the story is in my head, I have control over what the imagery looks like. I set the scene. When it’s onscreen, I’m at the mercy of someone else’s imagination. I can’t watch anything remotely scary. Even the commercials for upcoming scary movies freak me out and I have to plug my ears and shut my eyes until it’s over.


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