I got through “Living Dead Girl” but it wasn’t easy. Usually I’m ok with reading fiction that is triggering (rape, violence, child abuse) but this book was a little too raw and too painful for me to get some sort of enjoyment out of reading it. Usually I feel a sort of accomplishment when reading fiction like this, that I did make it through that sea of words that could dredge up awful feelings of my own at any moment. Usually I can appreciate the time and effort that the author put into crafting the story, the plot and the characters.

Not with this. I just finished it to finish it. I didn’t want that awful WHATIF hanging in my thoughts and had to get it over with so I can move on. When I’ve finished a book, I rate it on Goodreads with their 5 star rating – one star being the worst, five being the best. I have no way of rating this book. The monster was never meant to be redeemed here and there was no semblance of a happy ending. The stream of conscious writing style is at times painful, but necessary to the character’s anguish.

I ended with three stars – No, I did not enjoy the subject matter, but give the author kudos for grabbing me by the throat and not letting go.


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