Best Weekend

Best Weekend

I had the best weekend, despite the increasingly bad weather and the fact that the city’s snow plows all seem to be broken. As one of K’s Christmas presents I got us tickets to see Louis Black – her favorite comedian. If you aren’t familiar with his work, he is known as “The King of the Rant”.

The show was incredible! His opening act, John something-or-other (I never did catch it even though he said it 27 times) was great as well but Black was tremendous. He touched on the lack of mental health care in this country, politics (of course) and sexism in plastic surgery. Black strongly suggests that Americans leave this country as least once, preferably to go to a non-English speaking country just for the experience … and to learn how not to be an asshole.

If you have delicate sensibilities and are easily offended by swearing, then he is not the comedian for you. Nothing is off limits and he has very strong opinions about everything.

I was particularly impressed by the mental health bit. Black talked a bit about the Sandy Hook incident and how the lack of proper mental health treatment and treatment centers in this country may have contributed to that. It hit home for me as I struggle with an illness myself – bipolar.

While I come out, over and over and over, as lesbian and as a femme, I rarely come out as bipolar. To be honest, I’m afraid. I’m afraid that I will be looked at differently, be judged, and be treated differently once people know. Those are the exact same feelings I had when I was struggling with coming out for the first time.

Very few people know. My family knows, K’s family knows, and one friend. That’s it. I’m very guarded with much of myself, with my past and with my bipolar diagnosis.

Maybe by having more public figures, including comedians, talking about mental health issues, I will feel safer coming out with this. Until then, I will keep my guard up and continue to flinch every time someone says someone is bipolar or mentally ill as a joke.


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