Speculative Lesbian Fiction

Speculative Lesbian Fiction

Now here’s a new genre for me! Speculative fiction is defined as, “a broad literary genre encompassing any fiction with supernatural, fantastical, or futuristic elements.” Lesbian speculative fiction is exactly what you think it would be and I’ve never knowingly come across it before.

22557981  “Heiresses of Russ” edited by Melissa Scott and Steve Berman.

This is the fourth annual anthology and after reading about half of the book, I will be making a point to find and read the others. It’s a collection of short stories and very diverse in the subject matter. The main subject being love in all it’s many shapes and forms.

I feel like I need to seek out more lesbian authors. Because I read so indiscriminately, I’m often not aware of the author of a book unless it’s part of a series or I have specifically chosen the book based on the author. I read what appeals to me, what sounds interesting, what might challenge me and open my mind a little and make me see something a different way.

Most of my reading is fiction. I was accused once, a long time ago, of reading as an escape and I suppose that’s true but not in the way they meant. I read as an escape, yes, as that’s the easiest and cheapest high I can get. As an escape to visit the places I will never go and meet the people I will never meet. It’s an escape for me to learn new things that I otherwise would never learn and see the world through someone else’s eyes.



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