Over my Head

Over my Head

I love my job. I really do and know that I am lucky in that regard. I enjoy what I do, like the hours I work and have a boss that appreciates what I do for her. Because of that, I’m always willing to go the extra mile because I enjoy doing it.

I think I may be in over my head. Let me explain …

February and March are my busiest months. That’s when the fiscal year wraps up, budgets for the new year come out and there are meetings followed by meetings. We have a planning meeting on Monday. They tend to be very dry and tiresome and it’s an all day affair with breaks for lunch, etc. We’ve tried to make them a little more fun by having themes in the past such as the Oscars, and baseball, and this year my boss asked me to come up with the theme.

Being the geek and book lover that I am, I came up with Harry Potter.  It has now taken over my life.

One of the people on our creative/visual team has volunteered to help with decorations and she is a life saver. I have no idea how much she’s spent on this and I don’t want to know right now as I DO know how much I have spent. A LOT.

We have costumes, visual props, banners, signs. I downloaded all the available Harry Potter fonts to create our agenda and PowerPoint for the meeting and have McGonagall’s hat that I will be wearing. I’ve created Honeyduke’s candy store which will be unveiled during one of the afternoon breaks and spent an evening in a massive candy store we have here picking out the right kind of wizard candy.

And my boss. She is very much an ideas person and we are a good team because I am very practical and bring her back to earth by saying no to some of the more outlandish schemes. She is REALLY enjoying this and got her feelings a little hurt until she realized that she has Dumbledore’s costume to wear. At one point she was taking about having owls flying in the room and I think I may have blacked out at that point.

I will be spending this weekend making chocolate frogs. Heaven help me.


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