I Want to Show You More

I Want to Show You More

15712681 “I Want to Show You More” by Jamie Quatro

Publisher’s synopsis: The hypnotically intimate, urgent stories in I Want to Show You More are about lives stretched between spirituality and sexuality in the New American South. In narrative modes ranging from the traditional to the fabulist, these stories are interconnected explorations of God, illicit sex, raising children—and running. Jamie Quatro’s stories confront us with dark theological complexities, fractured marriages, and mercurial temptations: a wife comes home with her husband to find her lover’s corpse in their bed; a teenager attends a Bible Camp where he seduces a young cancer survivor with hopes of curing his own rare condition; marathon runners on a Civil War battlefield must carry phallic statues and are punished if they choose to unload their burdens; a girl’s embarrassment over attending a pool party with her quadriplegic mother turns to fierce devotion under the pitying gaze of other guests; and a husband asks his wife to show him how she would make love to another man.


This is it.

This is why I read. To find and experience gems like this. As you know, I love short stories and some of the stories in this book are only 2 pages long. They still manage to hit home. I’m halfway through this short read and am amazed by the complexity of these stories – how Quatro captures a character, or a moment in time so flawlessly in so few pages.

All of the stories are set in Lookout Mountain, Georgia which borders Tennessee and seem to be loosely connected on some level. Love, infidelity, loss, religion. These are strange and disturbing and wonderful stories.


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