I’ve finished “I Want to Show You More.”


All of the stories deal with some sort of struggle whether that be within a married relationship, a loss, death, grief, or a coming to terms with one’s own self.

I have two favorite stories in this book – “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Pavement”, and “1.7 to Tennessee.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Pavement” was so strange and lovely. (Spoilers) The story of marathon runners who inexplicably receive statues before running the race. It’s a crime to run without and there is a bit of competition amongst the runners as to what their statue is. Most of the statues received are humiliating and awkward to carry and everyone must run with their statue.  A story of metaphors with a twist at the end. Weird and thought provoking.

“1.7 to Tennessee” broke my heart a little. All of the stories in this book are set in Lookout Mountain, a town that straddles the Georgia/Tennessee border. It seems that some of the homes are on the border as well; the residency is determined by which state the master bedroom falls. “1.7 to Tennessee” is the story of 89 year old Eva, taking the long 1.7 mile walk from her home in Georgia to mail an important letter at the post office in Tennessee. Beautiful, tender, and sad.

I’ve shelved this collection with my favorites on Goodreads – the books that I can come back to and reread with the same enjoyment I read the first time. Strange and different, I really recommend this if you like short stories.


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