16048587 “Paleo for Beginners” by Callisto Media.

I’m not going to add any synopsis here as it’s a mile long – almost as long as the book. This will also be one of the few times I will review nonfiction.

By now most people have heard of primal eating, or the paleo diet. It’s based on what foods would be considered part of the caveman diet; meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and some oils. No grains, no sugars, nothing artificial, and no seed oils.

This book  is the beginner’s guide to a beginner’s guide. It’s very small with the absolute basics, food lists of what you can and cannot eat, and food recipes. I’ve gotten more information from the wealth of amazing blogs on the internet that are devoted to the primal lifestyle, paleo eating, or ketogenic (low carb/high fat) dieting.

I have several personal reasons for eating this way.

First reason: I’m bipolar and there have been numerous studies that show that a ketogenic diet is beneficial in mood stabilization (go look for them if you are interested!) While I don’t eat a complete ketogenic diet, I come close. If I eat gluten, grains, dairy or sugar I can feel it in my mood almost immediately. It’s not a good feeling.

I have bad sinuses. Eating gluten and dairy increases the amount of sinus issues I have. After having one surgery on them already, I’d rather not have another. It’s easier to eat this way and feel better.

I have fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed in the early 90’s when most people didn’t know much about it. I was lucky enough to have as my doctor the person who had literally written the book on it at that point. One of the things that was suggested to me to decrease pain was staying away from sugar and flour – something I refused to do, telling myself that I could not stick to that sort of terribly restrictive diet. There have been studies showing that a modified paleo diet helps. I know it helps me with pain levels.

And, I would really like to shed a few pounds!

So, you would think I would stick with this religiously, right? Unfortunately no. It seems I am a glutton for punishment.

For the most part, I am good. I am able to eat good, nourishing foods that make me feel my best. Then I will get a surge of hormones, have a crap day, be extra tired or extra hungry and all I want is pizza. Or chocolate. Or donuts. The list goes on. Then I feel awful. Everything hurts, I can’t breath, and I’m in a bad place mentally.

I’m working on that part of myself. I work on it daily.

Oh, and don’t bother to read the book. Not worth your time.


2 thoughts on “Paleo

  1. I ordered “It Starts With Food” and kicked off a Whole30, and I agree that there is plenty on the internet! I also don’t eat gluten or dairy and it’s a wonder how many people feel they can comment on lifestyle choices.

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