I have no reading up dates to give you! K’s mom has been visiting us this weekend and we have been busy cleaning and purging as it looks like we will be moving in the next six months or so.

K, my partner, has a job that requires her to move about every 2 years so in the last 10 years, we have moved 4 times. This is the longest we have lived in any one place and we will be going on 4 years by the time we move. I’m lucky in that we work for the same company and they are very LGBTQIA friendly and recognize that we are a package deal. Mentally I have been preparing for this move for several months already.

Today I found out that my boss is moving. So unexpected and I was NOT prepared for this! She is accepting a new position in Florida and I am so sad. We worked so well together, she was always so appreciative of the work I did, and as nutty as she is, I do love her. I have no idea who they will bring in to replace her so I’m playing a waiting game. Friday is her last day. I’m so happy for her new opportunity, but selfishly sad for me.


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