I’d like to share the following text from my mother:

“The snake is back. I think it came back into our yard over the wall in the back. Moe saw it slithering against the wall heading for the enclosure. I tried to grab it but couldn’t hold on. A man came and now we can’t find it. He says they are territorial so it’ll be back. I’m now cleaning out that area where my birds are.”

First off, please know that both my mother and father are maniacs. Each of them, and I am blessed to still have both my parents, is nutty as a fruit cake – just in different ways.

A little back story for this text: My parents live in Arizona, in the middle of the Southwest US in the desert. One of their dogs is named Moe (this is who saw the snake come back) and my mom volunteers with a local wildlife rescue and specializes in birds. Each year she rehabilitates and releases about 75 birds. She’s 67, my father is 70.

So, the snake. In my mom’s aviary/corner of the yard there is a snake. This is the type of snake. It’s a gopher snake, common to that area. It’s also 8 feet long. She thought she had gotten rid of it with snake repellant. I had no idea there was such a thing as snake repellant. The man that came is a friend of her’s through the wildlife rescue that specializes in snakes.

My mother is just under 5 feet tall. My 5 foot tall mother decided it was a good idea to grab this 8 foot long snake with the intent of flinging it back over the wall it came from. When she grabbed the snake, it turned back on her, all 8 feet of it and started hissing. The bite is not venomous, but is said to be extraordinarily painful. She wasn’t afraid of being bitten. she just didn’t want the snake to eat her birds.

My response text was something of a mixture of $%$%&$ MOM!!! DONTGRABTHESNAKE!!!%^&$#%

My father is a different sort of maniac.

He takes 4 different types of martial arts classed during the week, 3 of which involve weapons in combat, the other is hand to hand combat. He also does PX90 every single day. The men and women he spars with in his classes don’t know he’s 70 and so don’t exactly go easy on him so he often comes home bleeding and bruised.

When we were there on vacation, he asked K and I if we would like to go for a walk around the block after going to Church on Easter. 3 and 1/2 hours later we got back, sunburned and exhausted and still in church clothes!

He is convinced that working out is the fountain of youth, and perhaps for him it is. He has also needed a knee replacement for years and has finally agreed wot get one this year. I’m hoping that the fact that he will have to slow down will make him realize that the constant pain he is in is a result of the constant wear and tear on his body.

I worry about them both as I am so far away.


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