What happens to the books that can’t be reviewed?

What happens to the books that can’t be reviewed?

*Warning – this post includes triggering topics.


I was thinking today about the books that I’ve read that I can’t review here, or don’t feel comfortable reviewing here. Thinking about why I would not want to review those types of books that might fall so far outside the spectrum of what is considered normal or acceptable, and why it would matter.

This blog is, for the most part, anonymous. I don’t know anyone from my real life that reads this and don’t know if it would matter to me if they did. (Actually it would matter. I wouldn’t like it at all.)

So, why do I choose not to review certain books here?

I may not feel completely sure of what I thought of the book. At times, I read other reviews of books when I am having a tough time deciding to review the book or not and I wonder if that influences how I feel about the book, so I don’t write a review. You may see books pop up in my Goodreads feed that I don’t review because I don’t know how to. Not because I liked the book or didn’t – I simply don’t know what else to say other than I liked it or didn’t.

If I really hated the book, I will just not bother to waste anyone’s time. This week, I started three books and got about a chapter in before closing them in disgust. I don’t want to write a review about a book that did not engage me in the least. My best example of this is “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. I couldn’t read it. Everyone kept telling me that it would pick up about 100 pages in and I would really like it. Who has time for that?

Finally, the subject matter. If I feel that the subject matter or the premise of the book is too taboo or too depraved for me to review in a public space you won’t see it. I’m a member of Goodreads and a member of the Depraved Minds Club, a book group on that site. Not your normal book club, the DMC reads and reviews books that deal solely with topics considered taboo or depraved: BDSM, non-consent, rape, incest, and slavery to name a few topics. (I actually deleted some of the topics I originally listed here as I felt they may be too taboo or triggering.) That group might be the only place I feel comfortable finding new reads that fit that genre base and the ONLY place I feel comfortable reviewing books like these. I have touched, briefly, on two books that fall under the DMC umbrella – “Special Forces” because it was such a beautifully written, epic piece (if you can read triggering subjects, this is a must read), and “Endurance” because it was so scary and horrible and unlike anything I have ever read.

I read. A lot. I read a lot of different types of things that fall under many different umbrellas. I think that I will continue on as I have been, reviewing the books I would like to share here and keeping the others to myself.


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