I have a confession.

This is hard for me as I get judged quite a bit for this.

I really, really love cheesy Sci-fi movies. The kind that star d-list actors and have special effects that have been created by a team of 12 year olds. Sharknado was AMAZING! Sharknado 2 was even better!

I only get to indulge my guilty pleasure on weekends when K is at work. Today I’ve settled in for a marathon – last night I watched “Lake Placid Vs. Anaconda” and today have watched “DinoShark” and am in the middle of “RoboShark”. I love the ones that combine some impossible creation, like “Piranaconda” or “Sharktopos”. The movies usually involve some bikini clad someone, or someones, who get eaten along the way by the monster. A hero and a heroine are on hand to save the day, but not until after a lot of hunting and super fake blood and guts.

One of my very favorites is “Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid” starring Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, two of the 80’s biggest pop stars (again, dating myself).

The cheesier, the better. One of my friends has suggested that I watch “Birdemic”, on Netflix. Apparently you can almost see the strings the birds are held up with! Great cinema there!

Don’t judge me.


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