So this happened today …

So this happened today …

I have a job that I am grateful for and thankful that I enjoy. For my job, I sit in an office and do administration type stuff. It’s not for everyone, but I’m a very task oriented person and it makes me happy.

My office has the reputation of being a “safe zone” of sorts. People I work with feel safe coming here and shutting my door if they need a place to vent or to cry, and that makes me feel good too – that they feel safe in that regard.

However it also opens up a giant can of worms at times when the people I work with feel too comfortable with me. Let me explain …

I’ve heard, this week alone, the details of a coworker’s vasectomy and multiple coworker’s in depth relationship drama. I want no part of this over sharing, it just happens.

And this happened today …

I work with a guy, let’s call him *Mike. He’s a huge guy that looks like he spends all of his free time in the gym. He looks very intimidating due to his massive build and that he is covered head to toe with tattoos. Now, don’t misunderstand, I like tattoos myself and have my own collection of ink, but Mike has tattoos on each knuckle of his hands and every square inch is covered. He is also a HUGE fan of a superhero villain. Let’s go with *Loki, the villain of the Thor and Avengers comics/movies. Every tattoo is in that theme. Loki faces on each knuckle. Loki scenes on each arm and leg. A big Loki face in the middle of his chest (I only know that because I saw his pictures from Comic Con – again not something I asked for.) Loki EVERYTHING ALL OVER. I know it’s all over. He showed me.

This happened because we decorated my new boss’s office for her birthday. We went with a Hello Kitty theme and it looked like birthday threw up in her office. Good stuff! Mike walked past her office to mine and asked about the birthday mess and about Hello Kitty. He shared with me that he had a running joke with a buddy about Hello Kitty and they got matching tattoos one day to commemorate the occasion.

Then he shows it to me.

Yanks up his shirt and drops his pants so I can see the one pink tattoo in a sea of Loki. On his well-defined rear end.

Good thing my office is the safe place as I plan on hiding under my desk for a while.



*Not his real name and not even his real superhero villain love. He also is the type of guy that is a true innocent type of person and contrary to his appearance is a very sweet, marshmallow of a guy. There was nothing intended in his actions; he just wanted to share in the Hello Kitty moment.


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