Yesterday was Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, and I missed it.


While I’m not an outspoken advocate for fibromyalgia and chronic pain, I do take opportunities to educate when the opportunity arises. I am also very lucky with my fibromyalgia – I am able to hold down a job, and have a  fairly active life which is often something that chronic pain sufferers don’t get to have.

I was diagnosed in the early to mid 90’s when it was just becoming a “thing”. No one really knew what it was then, and I spent a lot of time doctor hopping until I ended up with the doctor who wrote the first book on fibromyalgia. I was very sick and ended up going on disability, and was mostly bedridden for about 6 months. A big day for me was moving from the bed to the couch, and possibly even a shower.

Over the years, I have found what works for me and what my limits are. I do best with moderate, low impact exercises like walking, and my diet is paleo for the most part. No sugar, no grains, no artificial anything. Gluten free. If I cheat, I know I will pay for it. Sometimes it’s worth it but most of the time it’s not. This is only what has worked for me. So many people who I know who have chronic pain conditions don’t ever find anything that gives them any sort of break, or anything that will let them lead a somewhat normal life. I still hurt, every minute of every day. My neck and shoulders hurt so that I can’t have anyone touch them.

It’s hard to hear things like, “But you don’t look sick”, or, “Take an aspirin and you will be fine” from well-meaning people. If it were that simple, I would have done it a long time ago. Invisible illnesses are real, not imagined. They are just as real as a visible illness and should be treated with the appropriate amount of care given to any illness or dis-ease.


Stepping off of my soapbox now!

We will be heading north to house hunt this weekend, planning for our move this summer! When we moved here, we had 8 hours to find a place to live. It was so rushed and we didn’t even know if the place had doors or windows, we just signed the lease!

Now we have appointments at 7 places which is exciting for me. I have had a couple of deal-breakers which have already gotten broken as we have been looking at the area. K has been so generous in the past when we have moved, and I’ve gotten what I wanted in a home (washer/dryer, close to work, garage) It’s high time that she gets what she wants. She wants something in a more urban setting where we can walk to restaurants, shopping, and night life.

I have lots of reviews waiting to post when we get back.

Happy wife, happy life. Wish us luck!


2 thoughts on “Today

  1. Been there, had that–or I think it was the same thing. They were calling it chronic fatigue syndrome at the time. My theory is that when they can’t cure it, or even diagnose it reliably, they just change the name form time to time. It took a major bite out of my life. Homeopathy helped immensely, but even there it took me a couple of tries before I found a practitioner who knew what he was doing. I’m prepared to swear it wasn’t the placebo effect because the theory strikes me as batty, so if I was going to be cured by a placebo, antibiotics, which I do believe in, would have done it.

    Anyway, I’m glad you found something that’s helped. Wishing you luck with the new place.

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    1. Thank you for sharing that. I do believe it’s the same thing and it’s awful to lose pieces of your life to it. I’m glad you have found something that works for you. Thank you also for the well wishes on house hunting!

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