The Recovery

The Recovery

23666204 “The Recovery” by Suzanne Young
Synopsis: Six months after the fall of The Program, ex-handler Michael Realm is struggling with his guilt. After all, he was instrumental in erasing the memories of several patients—including one he claimed to love. With a lifetime of regret stretched before him, Realm vows to set things right.
Along with his friend, James Murphy, Realm will track down those he’s hurt in an attempt to give them back their lives—starting with Dallas Stone. He’s not looking for forgiveness or redemption; he’s not a hero. But Realm hopes that with each recovered past, he’ll be able to reclaim a small bit of his own.


1 out of 5 stars

Finally, we are through the Program series, and I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. It’s a well written series, the premise is original, the characters are (mostly) believable. It’s just the constant angst, the teenage drama, the waffling back and forth that wore me out.

This is the last book, a novella. I’m glad it was so short as it was quite bad. Realm was a handler in the Program, someone who formed close relationships with the people having their memories erased to help facilitate their reintroduction into society. Not a great guy, but not a completely bad one either.

In this book, he is suddenly friends with James who was his enemy in The Treatment. The are traveling the country together so that Realm can make amends to all he hurt – his 12 step program. That’s pretty much the entire book.

Should you read it? I don’t think you would miss much if you skipped it. If you’ve read the entire series and are invested in the characters, then read away!


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