This weekend K and I drove to a neighboring state for my uncle’s memorial (he passed away about 3 weeks ago and no one in the extended family was able to make it to the funeral). My mother and one of my sisters flew in as well.

It was a nightmare. I know everyone has a side of their family, or members of their family that they prefer not to talk about or even know. This was that family. We went to support my mom and my aunt who just lost her husband. The rest of them – all my multiple cousins and their families were an embarrassment.

There was a meltdown involving moonshine and cigarettes.

I’m exhausted and will be back to posting reviews tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. After K and I left to return home on Sunday, my mom and sister told us that one of my cousins kept disappearing from the family gathering. A few hours later, she runs into the kitchen and demands that someone leave immediately to go buy her cigarettes before bursting into tears and running outside. So, everyone gets up and goes outside to see what in the hell is wrong with her.
    She was still crying, the kind of hiccupping, hysterical, snot all over your face crying. Very casually a different cousin tells my mother and sister that she had been drinking moonshine in the basement and that she didn’t want to drink and drive for her stupid smokes. Happens all the time apparently.
    This is the same cousin that all weekend took money from her mother (who just lost her husband!) because she doesn’t work. She lies, steals, and apparently lost a car last week. Literally LOST the car as in she can’t find it and doesn’t remember where she had it last, or so she says.

    They say you don’t get to pick your family, and they are right.


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