Risk it All

Risk it All

25358726 “Risk it All” by Megan Derr

Synopsis: Kipling doesn’t regret murdering his Alpha. Anything is better than continuing to live as a roughskin, subjected to brutal pit fights and abuse day after day. But constantly running for his life, always looking over his shoulder, and having nowhere to call home isn’t much better.
When he finds an abandoned cabin in the mountains, it seems the ideal place to hide until his pack gives up the search. All he needs is supplies, and a quick trip into town should take care of that. Instead of supplies, however, he encounters Tori, who seems like everything Kipling has ever wanted—and far too good to be true.
And if Tori’s not a trap then he, and his beautiful dragons, are just one more obstacle to be taken down by Kipling’s pack.
Warning: This story contains polyamory and twins (M/M/M/M)


4 out of 5 stars

I didn’t realize until after reading that this is the seventh book in the Dance With the Devil series. It definitely stands alone as a novella and was a fun, quick read.

The story: Kipling is a werewolf and has just killed his Alpha, the leader of his pack. He is on the run for his life. If he gets caught, he will be killed with no questions asked. He finds an abandoned shack on the edge of town where he thinks he might be safe for a little while, and it’s in that small town that he meets Tori.

The characters: Kipling is a roughskin, a fighter in the werewolf’s fighting pits, and a champion fighter. He has been fighting for over ten years, since he was fifteen. He learned quickly that it was fight or die.The Alphas abuse the fighters, taking what they want and sending them back in to fight again and again.

Tori is cultured, wealthy, and charismatic – everything that Kipling is not. He’s open and kind and Kipling has no reason to trust him other than what his instincts tell him. Tori reads as an Alpha, but calls himself an Owner. He is the owner of twin Dragons, rare shapeshifters who love and belong to him.

The Dragon twins were a nice change of pace in the shapeshifter world. They retained most of their “otherness” even when in human form.

What I liked: I loved the pace of this story. It’s a very quick read and there is quite a bit that happens in this novella.

What I didn’t like: I would have liked to know more about all the character’s backgrounds – what made Kipling kill his Alpha? Why was he in the pits at fifteen? Where was his family? And Tori – how did he come about owning his dragons? The dragon twins themselves were so fun to read about – I’d love to know more about them!

So, what I am saying is that a full length book about these four would be great!

ARC Provided by NetGalley


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