Yesterday I had a phone interview for the position I want in the new location K and I will be moving to. The fact we are moving is a given – I just need a job when we get there.

K’s career has always come first. That’s the fact of our relationship and what works for us. She earns more than I do and her career path will enable her to be the bigger breadwinner in the future as well. It’s never been an issue for any of the moves we have done so far for her career as I’ve been lucky enough to be able to slide into the role that suits me.

Now, I’m nervous. The interview lasted about an hour on the phone and I felt I was totally unprepared for it.

I’m good at my job and had prepared tangible, measurable metrics of the things I am responsible for to speak about. The person doing the interview, which if I get this position would be my manager, asked me nothing about these things.

It was an hour of, “What would you do if …?” type of questions.

Questions like, “Have you ever broken confidentiality?” and “How do other people see you when you get overwhelmed?”

I guess I am used to a more conversational type of interview rather than a list of questions. I don’t know if I was making actual words with my mouth by the end of the interview. It’s been six years since I’ve interviewed for anything.

My confidence is shot right now. The only thing I feel like I have going for me is a lot of people above me at a regional level in my corner.

She’s making her decision by Friday, so I don’t have too long to wonder how badly I screwed this up.


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