More life

More life

I haven’t heard back yet from my interview. The not knowing is really making me anxious and I can feel that I’m starting to spiral downward a little bit. 

I’m trying really hard to find think positive but having been told a decision would be made today and having no news is weighing on me.

Again, everyone (my current manager, former manager, regional manager, and several others) have said I have this in the bag. Like I said, the interview was tough and I’m really doubting myself.   I just want to curl up and go to bed.

On an odd side note, I had an interesting thing happen today. Over the last year I’ve cut off about two feet of hair- from my hips to a pixie. Yesterday I decided to go even shorter and buzz the sides and back. Several of my coworkers felt the need rub my head today and I’m not a touchy person at work. I just thought it was funny and a little strange. 


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