Yesterday I finally got my job offer. It’s such a weight off of my shoulders and a relief that I know I have a job. Now we just have to plan our lives for the new few months which is it’s own set of problems.

I start July 1, but will be telecommuting until July 20 when I actually have to report there. K, who works for the same company, doesn’t report until the last week in August which really stinks. So our plan is for me to take the cats and stay in an extended stay hotel for about a week and a half/ two weeks there starting around the 17th while K stays here and deals with movers, etc. One of the problems with that is that we only have one car. This means K will be walking or getting rides with friends.

She would have movers come and move the first week in August. We already have a place there which is a huge plus. I really hate that she is going to be doing this on her own and I hate that she will be without a car as I worry. There just doesn’t seem to be any other way we can make this work though and it’s only for a couple of weeks. She has enough time off saved that she can have a few weeks in the new place before starting work.

I am grateful and thankful though that we both have jobs. Now I can start being anxious about this instead.


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