Life in one room

Life in one room

The cats and I are settling into hotel living.

It sounds much more glamorous than it really is. It sounds like I am living on Park Avenue, with a doorman and a concierge. Sounds very posh.

My reality is one room with a bed, bathroom, and a kitchenette consisting of a refrigerator, sink and two stove burners. It’s noisy all around me and the person above me is, I swear to you, an elephant. No human could walk that heavy. I can open the windows though and the cats like looking outside and getting fresh air.



I feel a little like I’m a completely different place than the Midwestern US. I’ve lived all over the Midwest, but it feels different here. The people are quite friendly, more so than I expected but not when they are behind the wheel. I don’t like driving on the highway as I think I’m going to die each time.

The hotel where my temp office is, is amazingly gorgeous. It used to be a factory so it’s very rustic and has lots of character. We will be here until mid September when we get the keys to where I will be officially working. It’s being built right now. It’s just me and the HR manager at the hotel for now and our management team startsĀ at the end of August.

Hopefully I will have more time to update and post reviews in the next few weeks!


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