Almost there!

Almost there!

I’m almost there! K will be here in 36 or so hours, not that I’m counting. 

She’s been cleaning our old place nonstop in prep for the movers coming tomorrow. It was never dirty but she’s a clean freak and wants it to be perfect.

I picked up the keys for our new place the other day and did my walk through. Compared to my box now it’s a paradise. 

K and I have been together for a long time, but it doesn’t make it easier to be apart. I’m losing it a little. We send each other good morning texts if we don’t call and I accidentally sent those texts to my mother the other day. She thought it was sweet we are still so lovey dovey after ten years. I was mortified at texting my mom kissy faces and love notes.

But she’s almost here. Almost home. 


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