Blog readers

Blog readers

I have a question for you … do any of you have family and/or friends that read your blog?

My dear mother has asked me for name of my little blog here and I’m very reluctant to give it to her. While unfortunately she is aware of many of the mistakes I’ve made in my life, I would prefer that she remain unaware of the rest. She is my mom after all.

My real life friends don’t know because I have no desire to share this with them. I’m a painfully private person who likes to remain that way for some things.

My partner, K, knows about this blog but has no interest in reading it. The only thing she requested was that I not use her full name when posting about her or our life. I would have no problem should she decide to read one day as I don’t keep anything from her.

I think that my youngest sister may read this, but I’m not 100% sure. If she does, wonderful! (Hi love!) I’m not at all close to my other sister who I doubt would want to read this. I also doubt I would want her to.

My father … well, no. I don’t want him to read this. I don’t think he would want to. Our relationship has only been fully formed and functional in the last few years and I don’t want to damage that.

So, do your families, friends, and significant others read your blogs?

I’m good with no one in my life reading this, honestly. I write this for me, and am grateful to you who take the time to read my drivel.


6 thoughts on “Blog readers

  1. No, my blog is private – too private, too intimate. B, my wife, knows about it and can read if she wants, but has no interest to. Like your K, I protect her name as well as that of our dog child, whom I call Pooch. My oldest friend is a follower, but she lives far away and would not inadvertently out me in conversation

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  2. I’ve always shared my blog posts to my Facebook profile. Back in the day, though, when I was writing on LiveJournal, it was only close friends that read what I wrote. I find that I write differently when I’m writing for a more public consumption then when writing for close friends. I’m open, yet guarded. I edit way more than I used to. I also really think through what I write when I know my family might read it, which can be a good thing.

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  3. No I don’t let my friends or family know that I Blog or even have one (or 2) , I keep my Blog separate from those I know in the outside world, because I like privacy, and I can talk openly on my Blog without fear of angering family or friends , my family isn’t the best in the world so the less they know about my inner thoughts the best, and I certainly don’t want any of my late wife’s relatives reading it either, they are ummm shady people ( being polite) … my late wife not only used to read my blogs ( she always told me I should write a book, she thought I’d be good at it ) , but she often sat down beside me and helped write a post or two , my life was always an open book to her 🙂 my son Hammy sometimes reads my blog or pipes up with ideas for a blog post, or throws his 2 cents into what ever I am writing …. again with him I keep no secrets and no subject is taboo , and he is good at not repeating what he reads 🙂

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