2916555 “Undercover” by Lauren Dane
Synopsis: On the battleground or in the bedroom, one woman and two men fight for dominance in a bold, new, and excitingly different direction in erotica….
As a lieutenant of the Federation military, Sera Ayers is accustomed to giving orders, not taking them. Now she must obey the one man she can’t stand-and can’t stop thinking about.
With the enemy Imperialists gaining ground, a covert team is assembled by Ash Walker. Ten years before, Sera had lovingly submitted to Ash’s dominance in the bedroom. But when he was forced into a political marriage, she refused to play mistress. His marriage now over, Ash wants Sera on his team-and back in his bed.
The third team member, Brandt Pela, has an elegance to match Ash’s savage sexuality. And when their undercover plan requires Sera to pose as Brandt’s lover, it ignites a passion among the three of them more dangerous than their mission.


4 out of 5 stars

This book surprised me by how much I liked it. I’ve read loads of m/f and m/f/m and m/m/f and any other combination you can think of, and after a while they sort of run together. A meets B and sex and enter C and more sex. “Undercover” has a very well done plot and very convincing world building. All three characters are quite strong in their own right, and play well off of one another.

Sera is our main character. As a lieutenant in the Federation army, she has worked all over the galaxy and operated many successful missions. She’s used to being the one in charge and giving the orders and has worked her way up through the ranks to get where she is. Her new mission puts her directly working for the man she wants most to forget.

Ash Walker comes from a privileged background but has also made a name for himself in the army through his determination. Ten years prior, he and Sera were in love. That ended when he was forced into a political marriage and Sera left him. Now, working together again, he hopes to win her back.

The third member of the team is Brandt Pela. He has, over the years, heard Ash speak about Sera and heard his regrets about the relationship. After meeting her, he fully understands why Ash can’t forget her and wants her for himself.

What I liked: I really liked that this books is set in a futuristic sci-fi world, and that Dane took the time to actually build that world believably. It would have been easy to make this story just a three-way sex romp, but it was much more and  I appreciated that. I love sci-fi and the erotica aspect just made the book great.

The sex scenes are very hot, and they aren’t all m/f/m. Some are m/f, some are m/m/f and there is even one m/m scene. Domination and submission feature prominently in the story and Sera’s submission to both men is well written. It doesn’t take away from her as a main character or make her seem weaker than the other two. In fact, it does the exact opposite.

What I didn’t like: Parts of the book were a little slow moving. At times it felt like the characters just talked about who was the bad guy for a long, long time. I lose interest quickly with politics, real or made up.

I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a little light kink mixed in with their erotica along with a great story line. It’s a fun, quick read and I look forward to reading more in this series.


3 thoughts on “Undercover

  1. I really like it, if the pairings are mixed up a little, both men touching the woman but never each other just seems a little… boring?
    That being said, this books sounds really interesting, especially because of the world building.

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