The Sound and the Furry

The Sound and the Furry

Have I told you about the time that K accidentally went to a Furry Convention?

My dear K, worldly as she is, can be an innocent in some things. She has a complete blind spot when it comes to anything to do with kink. We have had conversations about some of the things in my past and she just doesn’t understand the attraction and appeal. She doesn’t judge, just doesn’t get it.

Several years ago, she was traveling on business and after settling into her hotel room, she decided to go to the hotel bar to watch whatever sporting event was on. While sitting at the bar, she was very impressed with how many sports fans were there as everyone in the bar was dressed as various team mascots – tigers, lions, raccoons. The raccoon one threw her for a loop as she couldn’t think of a major team with a raccoon mascot but she just shrugged and went back to watching her game.

The hotel was exceptionally busy with all these sports fans and they all seemed to be headed to one particular ballroom. K decided to head there as well as maybe one of her favorite teams were there and she might be able to sneak a peek or better yet, get an autograph!

She noticed that a lot of people really went all out with customizing their mascot costume – some were fully dressed head to toe, and some people only had ears on or a tail. K didn’t really get why there was a panda with a gold bikini on, but hey – these were sports fans and therefore they were her kind of people.

At the entrance to the ballroom there was a big sign and she headed there to see what team was inside. Maybe the Chicago Bears? Detroit Lions? Whatever team those raccoons were rooting for?

I get a phone call at this point and before even saying hello, she asks, “What’s a furry and why is everyone dressed like a mascot?”

After deciphering what exactly she was asking, and after explaining what everyone she saw was doing, she realized there was not going to be a moment with her sports team. K went back to the bar to finish watching her game before heading up to her room.

On the elevator, she held the door for several folks who were also taking the elevator up – a cat, a fox and a person with ears and a tail. She asked what floor they needed, and the cat meowed at her.

If I bring it up today, she is still aggravated about that meow!






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