Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits

Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits

20501606 “Futuristic Violence and fancy Suits” by David Wong

Synopsis: Nightmarish villains with superhuman enhancements.
An all-seeing social network that tracks your every move.
Mysterious, smooth-talking power players who lurk behind the scenes.
A young woman from the trailer park.
And her very smelly cat.
Together, they will decide the future of mankind.

Get ready for a world in which anyone can have the powers of a god or the fame of a pop star, in which human achievement soars to new heights while its depravity plunges to the blackest depths. A world in which at least one cat smells like a seafood shop’s dumpster on a hot summer day.
This is the world in which Zoey Ashe finds herself, navigating a futuristic city in which one can find elements of the fantastic, nightmarish and ridiculous on any street corner. Her only trusted advisor is the aforementioned cat, but even in the future, cats cannot give advice. At least not any that you’d want to follow.
Will Zoey figure it all out in time? Or maybe the better question is, will you? After all, the future is coming sooner than you think.


3 out of 5 stars

I liked this book. I really wanted to love it, but I have issues with it.

The premise is excellent – Zoey Ashe is the only daughter, and sole inheritor of a billionaire who has left a secret that everyone wants. Zoey is the key to opening that secret and the story begins as she is being hunted in the trailer park she lives in.

The title is apt – there is a lot of futuristic violence in this book. Technical weapons you can download into your skeleton and constant video surveillance world wide courtesy of the Blink network. There are a lot of fancy suits, both good guys and bad guys. Some of the good guys want to protect Zoey and most of the bad guys want to kill her for the money she now has and the secret she now owns.

My issue with this book is that it’s way too long. Much of the middle of the book I could do without. There are so many gems of humor and brilliance hidden in the book but they get lost in the sheer volume of the words. Much of the humor is crass (loads of dick and fart jokes here!) but I don’t mind that in the least.

I also feel that the main bad guy, Molech is very one-dimensional. Yes, he’s the bad guy. Yes, he has embedded super implants that make him super-hero strong, with robot hands. And yes, he even gets a super-hero costume. He even beats Zoey to within an inch of her life and yet somehow she lives, even though we know he has vaporized people with just one punch.

I liked the book, but honestly didn’t like the characters very much. I liked the cat best of all.

And the cover .. because the cat is on it.




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