I am unbelievably stressed.

I had a huge meeting yesterday that went fine but my boss was texting and emailing me to change things and put things back we took out until 9pm the night before. She started again at 6am yesterday morning.

So, meeting was over and I had a splitting headache so I came home early … to a letter from the IRS. Apparently the online tax service I used to file our taxes last year had a security breach and my Social Security number was lifted. Someone filed a tax return for 2015 using my number. I planned on doing taxes this weekend.

I also received a letter from the online tax service offering free credit monitoring for a year. 

The hold time on the phone for the IRS was literally an hour. The person I ended up speaking with was very kind and very thorough when verifying my identity. Very odd questions and I stumbled over a few of them. I’ve moved so much over the years that I honestly don’t remember every street name I’ve lived on.

In the end she was able to verify me and kicked out the fraudulent tax return. I’m unable to file electronically this year (I totally forgot to ask if I can ever again) and will have to mail my taxes in. I’m also going to be assigned a PIN from the IRS for identity protection.

I also opened a claim with the credit monitoring service. Even though I’ve taken all the steps I can take, I still feel overwhelmed by this. 


8 thoughts on “Stress

  1. Glad you could nip the fraudster in the bud – I too have been a victim of fraud and it leaves you feeling exposed and helpless. Take care of yourself. I’ll send some dark and stormy vibes the fraudster’s way. πŸ™‚

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  2. It is good that you were able to get it resolved with the IRS – I’ve had credit card fraud issues that were difficult to get untangled – it is a creepy feeling when someone has stolen so much of your info.

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